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    Honor of Heirs: new MMORPG for Android starts its beta test

    Honor of Heirs it's a new MMORPG to cellular whose beta test started today (10). The game is the English version of Round Table Oath (圆桌誓约), a game that was in testing in early 2021 in China. The language change indicates that production company X-Legend Entertainment intends to release it globally later this year. Come and learn more about this new game for Android and iOS.

    For now, Honor of Heirs is only available for testing in Southeast Asia (Philippines).

    The beta test is being carried out on Android and runs from the 10th of August to the 17th. However, the game is also confirmed for iPhone and iPad.

    History of Honor of Heirs

    The story of Honor of Heirs involves celestial beings and knights of the Round Table. The player will command a brigade of characters with wings that look like angels. Your main role will be to fight monsters and try to keep peace in the kingdom.

    With the help of Merlin – who here has become a blonde “waifu” mage – your character will have to pull the sword Excalibur out of the stone and create his own legion of soldiers. You will have the assistance of the now gods Guinevere and Lancelot.


    Despite the story about knights and monsters, Honor of Heirs has female characters and also children who can ride on giant cats(?). It's something quite unusual, but already expected in this type of MMO.

    The game's classes are: Warrior (warrior), Ranger (a swordswoman with spells) and Elementalist (a type of mage). For now, the game only has these three classes, but more are planned for the future.

    Gameplay & Graphics

    Honor of Heirs follows the pattern of the most current mobile MMORPGs. The game abandons the scheme of small maps. The game's scenarios are large and can even give the illusion of an open world. However, you will see some “loadings” from time to time.

    Video with gameplay from the Free play MMOs channel:

    In movement and combat, we can already expect those “auto-mission” and “auto-battle” schemes. In case you get lost, just tap on the quests for the character to go straight to the quest. Battles can also be automated.

    The look is nice, but it's not "state-of-the-art". This may be bad for some gamers, but very good for many other gamers who expect a “lightweight” mobile MMORPG.


    When will the global launch be?

    X-Legend Entertainment revealed in the beta test that the game will be released globally on Android (and maybe iOS too). However, it was not said when this would happen.

    Link Tap Tap.

    Link here Google Play (only works if using VPN for Philippines).

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