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    Hill Climb Racing is a simple but very successful game for Android

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    When we introduced the most popular Android games of all time, we were left wondering what game was this? Hill Climb Racing? The game, very simple, reveals an interesting challenge and how the dispute for better scores can reach unimaginable levels on mobile platforms.

    Launched in 2012, Hill Climb Racing is absurdly addictive. The proposal is simple, the player must run with a cart, as far away as possible. It happens that with the elevations of the terrain, the cart turns and the player loses. Like Pou, Hill Climb Racing is simple, but it's just that little game we find ourselves playing in the bathroom or in line at the bank. Ideal to help pass the time.

    The game uses a simple formula, accelerated? The car leans forward. braked? The car tilts the back. This can be used for jumping. What makes the game challenging is that you have to collect coins and gasoline as you go through the scenery. The aim of the game is to cover as much distance as possible over undulating terrain.



    Without needing an internet connection or bothering the player with purchases, Hill Climb Racing is very charismatic. With the coins earned it is possible to buy new equipment to tune the car or exchange it for another one. The adventure that starts with the best few can go up to several kilometers if you are a determined player.

    Simple and fun, this is a game that does its job. No wonder the game has over 100 million downloads.


    Link to Download on Android (Free)
    Advertising: No | Internet connection required: No
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1 or higher

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