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    Heroes of Warfare: Here's How to Play This “Overwatch for Android”

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Heroes of Warfare is a Chinese Shooter Game (FPS) with MOBA elements Heavily inspired by Overwatch, you can download and play right now. No VPN needed and no CBTthe game has already been released e is available for download in Spain. The Best “Overwatch” style Android game.


    Step 1. The first step is to access the game's official website to download the APK. The Heroes of Warfare APK is small and does not require registration. Just download.

    Official Site Link to Download the APK

    Step 2. Install the game normally. It is worth remembering that the option “Unknown sources” must be activated in order to install the APK.

    Step 3. After installing, just start the game. Wait for the game to update and tap the central button to start.

    Step 4. On this screen, tap the Direct button.

    Step 5. Again tap the Right button.

    Step 6. The game will start your tutorial. Now just follow the arrows indicated by the game itself and start having fun.

    The game is complete with several modes, Microphone support and clan system. Any questions leave a comment!

    [originally published June 14, 2017]

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