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    Heroes of the Dark: Gameloft's new game is in beta test on Android

    Developed by Gameloft, Heroes Of The Dark is a strategy and role-playing game that takes place during a fictional dark Victorian Era, where humans, vampires and werewolves are fighting an epic struggle, in which an act of war has destroyed the moon. The game is in testing and will be released for Android e iOS.

    Wrapped in mysteries, Heroes Of The Dark arrived in soft launch, and by surprise, on Google Play on July 19, bringing another game to the Gameloft catalog.

    Check out the gameplay.

    Heroes Of The Dark has an allied system, being able to form alliances with other players in search of expanding their empire, capturing crystal fragments, conquering territories and finally seeking the Heart of Tenebris artifact.

    It is possible to form teams of heroes of different classes (humans, vampires and werewolves), and make a combination that has synergy. This will also depend on the player discovering and forging equipment.

    The player can also build his mansion (HQ) and upgrade it, there you will aim to protect your troops, and turn the place into a refuge where all classes can coexist in peace.

    The online mode has PvP, PvE and multiplayer where players can face each other in 5v5 battles, explore dungeons and wage wars between their alliances.

    The strategy RPG only has 500+ downloads on Google Play, which is generally not enough for a game that has just been released, with 32 reviews and a rating of 4,2/5 stars. But it is worth remembering that the game is still in testing and this is not the global release.

    Want to test the game? If you have an Android device, just download the game's APK from the Tap Tap website.

    Heroes Of The Dark does not yet have a confirmed global release date.

    Official site

    Page on Google Play

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