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    Here's How To Download Modern Combat Versus Direct From Google Play (No License Error)

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Adeilson from the Adeh channel posted a video tutorial teaching how to download Modern Combat Versus directly from Google Play. With this method, there is no license error and you test the game as if you were in Philippines.

    [UPDATE] Game already released in Spain! See how to download on Android

    To download it is necessary to have one of these cell phones here (see the list).

    Both to install the game and to play, you will need to use a VPN application. In the tutorial, ExpressVPN is used. This app requires registration.

    See the tutorial below:

    tutorial steps

    Step 1. Go to Google Play and search for the ExpressVPN app. Download the app.

    Step 2. Launch ExpressVPN and complete the registration. Tap on “Free Trial”.

    Step 3. In the option “Elect Local” choose Philippines (Philippines).

    Step 4. Go to your device's settings, go to Application Management. Find the Google Play Store and tap “Clear Data” (this step is necessary so that Google Play does not identify your old account and your location).

    Step 5. Go to the Accounts option on your device and create a new Google account.

    Step 6. After you have cleared your data, go to Google Play. Tap the menu (three dashes) and confirm that the selected Google Play is from the new account.

    Step 7. Now just search for the game and it will appear as available for download (as long as your device is compatible).

    Step 8. Remember that you will have to use VPN both to download and to play.

    VPN App Link

    Link do Modern Combat Versus na Google Play

    [originally published May 20, 2017]

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