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    Hearthstone: Tips for Sites and Channels for those starting to play on mobile

    will start playing Hearthstone? Check out some Sites and Channels to jump right into the World of Warcraft card game universe. See tips from pro players who make it to the game's legendary rankings in any season.

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    O best Spanish site about Hearthstone, in our opinion, is the MardukTV. Tutorials, tips, everything about Hearthstone, chewed in a didactic way. Ideal for those just starting out. Don't forget to check out the "Guide to the Most Important Hearthstone Articles".

    The best Spanish Hearthstone site.

    – Youtube channels

    Harley Marcelino – The most didactic and diversified channel. Always following the “meta” of the game. It is the best channel for those who want to evolve quickly, as it has many tips for beginners.

    Be sure to check out the videos with tips for Arena, a key element you need to master in order to “farm” packs and gold quickly.

    Arena Hearthstone – This channel is more suitable for those who have been playing for some time and are looking for new moves, in addition to having a lot of cool content such as unlikely moves and “puzzles”.

    – Channels with errors, crazy moves and a lot of humor (in English):

    The troll (get ready to laugh a lot)

    Hearth Funny

    – Streaming via Twitch

    Both channels I mentioned stream regularly on the website, I'll leave here the links of some streamers I follow.

     MardukTV (same from MardukTV website)

    Harley Marcelino (same from Harlei Marcelino channel)

    Ronaldo Neves (same as Arena Hearthstone channel).

    Deathbringer (fun stream to relax)

    In English:




    Zetalot (ideal for those who play only with Priest).


    Hope you enjoyed the tips! To the next!

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