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    Hearthstone: “The Gangs of Gadgetzan” Expansion Now Available

    Hearthstone, Blizzard card game with summers for Android, iOS e PC, has just received the 7.0 update that brings as its biggest novelty the expansion “The Gangs of Gadgetzan” (Mean Streets of Gadgetzan).

    The update brought a lot of new features to the game. In the story of the Expanse, there are three gangs that are vying for the territory of Gadgetzan.

    • The Cruel Henchmen: Warrior, Paladin and Hunter
    • The Kabal: Mage, Priest and Warlock
    • The Jade Lotus: Rogue, Druid and Shaman

    The amount of new cards is impressive. There are 132 new cards in total. One of the interactions that drew the most attention is the cards that generate a “jade golem”, which can easily become a 30/30.

    Of course, The Gangs of Gadgetzan can slightly reduce the number of shamans in the current meta and draw attention to the priest, who was a bit missing.
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