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    Hearthstone receives update with reward for daily logins

    the card game Hearthstone (Android, iOS, PC and Mac) received an update that already brought content from the Journey of Un'goro expansion. However, content, such as new cards, will only be released in April. Until then, players can enjoy card rebalancing improvements and more.

    One of the very welcome improvements is the rewards for daily logins. In addition to the three daily missions that the game offers, players who log in daily, that is, play at least once a day, will receive rewards such as packages, gold, etc.

    The Journey of Un'goro expansion will bring 135 new cards and a new mechanic: Adapt. It works like this: the player needs to build a deck that fulfills certain goals. By fulfilling the goals, a great benefit will be received.

    It will be possible, for example, to adapt a character to add to it “Provoke”, “Windfury”, “Cannot be targeted by spells” and so on. This new mechanic promises to make things more interesting, as it will add many more diverse events. Have you ever thought about putting a huge minion on the screen like a Malygos and leaving it immune to the opponent's spells?

    Un'goro's Journey only arrives in April, but throughout the month of March, new cards will be revealed. Some legendary cards promise to bring big changes to the meta. Let's keep an eye out, because there's a lot of news coming.

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