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    Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is released in China, see the gameplay

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    Developed by NetEase in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an RPG and cardgame for Android e IOS which has just been released in China. The game brings the universe of the famous book by writer JK Rowling to mobile devices.

    Unlike many youtubers who preach that the game is an action RPG, Magic Awakened's main mechanic is through card battles.

    In Magic Awakened, you have finally fulfilled your dream and been chosen by the Hogwarts Academy of Magic where you will meet famous characters from the film and book series. Your character will learn magical lessons and will leave his mark on yet another chapter in the world of Harry Potter.

    The main objective of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is to gather cards, and with them, you can cast spells and become a real wizard, disputing confrontations with other wizards. By swiping the card, you will use an ability with the aim of defeating enemies, and your wand's energy will fill each time you knock down an enemy.

    The exploration and the universe are shown to be beautiful, as shown in trailers, teasers and gameplay released so far. Look for old acquaintances from the saga, as well as fantastic places and mystical creatures.

    The game also proposes a system of choices, which some characters will force you to make. Its graphic style is also a little more cartoonish and far-fetched. Anyway, Magic Awakened follows the pattern of the most current Online RPGs with a focus on narrative, but without neglecting multiplayer versus.

    See the first gameplay of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

    The game is only available for countries in the Asia region, including: Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, in addition to China itself. It is confirmed that the opening of Chinese servers today (08).

    According to its TapTap page, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has so far been well received by users, garnering an average of 8.7/10 out of 270 reviews. 55.762 users are following this page.

    The game will arrive for Android and IOS according to TapTap's page, the game also needs an internet connection, other system requirements were not informed.

    There is still no release date for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened in the west. But as some subtitles of the game are already in English, it is expected that it will be released soon here.

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