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    Hack no Call of Duty Mobile, conheça!

    There is already Hack for Call of Duty Mobile and there are not few!

    Whenever a hot game is released, it doesn't take long for hackers to come up with cheats and ways to bypass security. With Call of Duty Mobile it was no different. There are already several scripts with hacks for the Android, iOS and PC game (via emulator).

    I found it hard to believe this was true. But during a match I noticed through the “Death Cam” (that replay whenever you die) that a player on the opposing team would automatically aim for the head even with the character behind a wall.

    I thought? Is it a hacker? It can not be.

    But the probability of being even hack is great. Just a quick search on youtube about “Script COD Mobile” to find dozens of videos teaching how to hack the new game.

    – Hack de Call of Duty Mobile

    And the amount of hacks is absurd. Hack for: see enemies through walls, take recoil, hack headshot, speed and even “anti report”.

    Key Features of New Mobile COD Hack

    • wallhack
    • Color body
    • No recoil 100%
    • headshot 100%
    • wall jump
    • Ultra aimbot
    • speed hack
    • Anti report
    • Script host no root & root

    According to the videos, the “anti ban” is guaranteed. However, Actvision and Garena, the game's two publishers, disagree.

    It didn't take long for them to speak up. Garena, the game's publisher in Southeast Asia, posted a message on her Instagram.


    Attention, Hackers will be banned!

    Together we fight hackers 💀⠀

    Hackers, beware! We have zero tolerance for cheaters/hackers in our game and we have already started banning a number of users. ⠀

    Also, at 17:30pm today, automatic ban function against cheaters/hackers will be started, anyone caught using third party hacking tools will be punished immediately.

    - Warning

    Of course, we will not post a link or teach any hack or cheat technique for Call of Duty Mobile. Our goal is just to alert the player to report whenever they find something suspicious.

    Always watch the “Death Cam” when you find something suspicious. Be suspicious of players who aim through the wall. For those who don't know what "Death Cam" is that replay that appears after your character is killed.

    To report it, you will have to wait for the game to end and tap the button with an exclamation mark (!) in the upper right corner of the screen.

    But be careful not to unintentionally report high-ranking players. At higher ranks, players can gain aids that help improve weapon mobility, such as increasing the speed at which a character raises their weapon.

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