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    H1Z1 and Everquest Coming to Android and iOS

    Daybreak Games will join Nantworks to develop games for the mobile market. Among the games are in the plans H1Z1 Battle Royale Mobile and a Everquest for mobile phones.

    The idea, of course, is to enjoy this bash of Battle Royale (BR) games. If you haven't read it, here's how new shooters like MC Versus and Shadowgun Legends are having trouble getting public attention. Already BR games, just launch and wait for the millions of downloads.

    But in addition to the “fad” games, Daybreak Games also wants to invest in a classic franchise: Everquest. A veteran IP in the gaming world. Everquest was one of the first online RPGs, created in 1997.

    Now it's time to wait for the fruits of this partnership. It's unclear how long the two mobile games have been in development, but we should hear about them very soon.

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