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    Guns'n'Glory Zombies – Free Game for Android and iOS

    In Guns'n'Glory Zombies you control one of these four girls who are determined to put an end to the zombie apocalypse. The game created by Handygames is available for Android and iOS and has nice graphics, but bets on a minimalist style. Having only 26MB is a small game and should run well on smartphones with little processing power.

    – Explosive Guns'n'Glory-style defensive action
    – Four brutal girls fighting the zombie plague
    – A lethal arsenal of weapons and skills
    – Pepper power-ups for the worst battles
    – Deaf zombies, fat zombies and hungry zombies
    – Intense fighting in the streets, on the beaches and in the forests
    – Hordes of zombies, lots of weapons and the purest glory



    Guns'n'Glory Zombies is inspired by the Guns'n'Glory series that started its life on Java mobile phones. Still, Handygames hasn't lost its inspiration in Java games and Guns'n'Glory Zombies has a lot of that inspiration, it's a simple game that doesn't demand much from your smartphone. Ideal to pass the time, the game is especially recommended for those who want to download a small game and do not want to spend a lot of their data plan.

    Link to Download on Android (Free)
    Advertising: Yes| Internet connection required: No
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 2.3, 3.2, 4.1 or higher

    Game also available for iOS.

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