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    Gunfire Hero: new NFT game for Android lets you earn money without spending anything

    Gunfire Hero is a new game with NFT for Android developed by the same producers as Step Hero. Unlike the previous game from this producer, the latter is available for Android and follows the Play-to-Earn.

    In this monetization model, players do not need to enter with large amounts to earn money in the game, it is possible to play and earn some change just by playing, without having to spend real money.


    Gunfire Hero is a 2D shooter with waves of enemies. Each round, your character can choose the "Perks" (power-ups) to use during the matches, with that he gets stronger. However, the challenge also increases with each round.

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    In the game, your character shoots non-stop and the player controls him to dodge enemy attacks. It seems simple at first, but it gets very difficult quickly. At many times, Gunfire Hero will look more like a bullet hell with enemies and gunfire from all sides.

    Like every NFT game project, the game's tokens are in the characters and accessories they use. Some accessories can be acquired by playing, but the best (of course!) are only available through NFTs.

    Gunfire Hero is not yet available on Google Play. To play, the player needs to download the APK and connect his wallet to the Step Hero game website. It looks a little confusing, but it's super simple to do.

    Will I get rich playing Gunfire Hero? No!

    Gunfire Hero is an attempt by the folks at Step Hero to get their community moving. The first game of this producer is very quiet and the project of mine that "lost the hype". With this, new players are not joining and as no new players join, the game pays less for those who play.

    That's the big bad thing about most NFT games, they need “hype” to exist. Without players “contributing” some money, the reward pool starts to dry up and with that, whoever is playing doesn't get a return on the game / investment. It doesn't have to be exactly new players, but it's very common for this "contribution" to always be with new players buying NFTs to participate in the "joke".

    Gunfire Hero is not such an interesting project, but it can earn you some extra money at the end of the year and beginning of 2022.

    link para download:

    LEGAL NOTICE: Everything written in this article NOT AN INVESTMENT RECOMMENDATION. I am not a financial advisor nor do I intend to be. I'm just sharing my knowledge and opinions about Crypto Games/NFTs or anything related to this universe.

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    [originally published December 27, 2021]

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