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    Grimvalor gains “New Game+” mode and Spanish translation

    In this blog we have a rule: love Grimvalor. And the love for this game, which is from the same creators of Swordigo, just got even bigger. Grimvalor received an update that will please both those who have already finished the game, and those who are still going to acquire this pearl of mobile games.

    Grimvalor has just received a new mode called “New Game+”. For now there is no news about the mode, but it seems that it will add a new challenge on the same map.

    I say that there is still no news, because the mode is in beta test. The developers want beta testers to check the difficulty and make sure the game stays on that “Dark Souls” style difficulty.

    Another big news is support for more languages. The game now supports the following languages: English, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Spanish, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian.

    For now, tests are being conducted only on iOS. But soon the update will arrive on Android too.

    You still don't know Grimvalor. The game is paid, but you can download and play the first stages (on Android).

    Download GrimValor from the App Store (IOS)

    Download GrimValor on Google Play (ANDROID)

    Developer: Directlight
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.1
    Language: Spanish | Size: 594MB


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