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    GRID Autosport Custom Edition launches on Android and iOS

    A Feral Interactive launched this Tuesday (19), GRID Autosport Custom Edition. O free game to download on Android e iOS is a version "demo” from the Original GRID. The company's goal appears to be to bring more people to experience the racing simulator.

    The name Custom is not for nothing. According to Feral this is the “custom” edition of GRID Autosport.

    To summarize it works like this: Custom Edition is a free version, ideal for those who want to test the game without buying the full version, which costs R$ 20 reais on Android or R$ 55 reais on iOS.

    Players can buy only the championships that interest them. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy the whole game.

    Is it possible to play without paying? Yea!

    In case you haven't found the option to try the game without paying first, just swipe down the main menu until you find the “Quick Race” option.

    Yes, I know, Feral Interactive doesn't help much, GRID Autosport's menu interface is horrible. But the game itself is very good and the option to try it for free is really there.

    GRID Autosport and its problem in promoting itself

    There is no doubt that GRID Autosport is one of the best racing simulators for mobile. The game is the near-perfect conversion of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version for smartphones. However, it is already notorious how Feral does not know how to “sell the fish”.

    The Custom Edition is riddled with performance issues. The game looks worse than the paid version. The interface is super slow, full and full of confirmation buttons. It's a real struggle to find the "Quick Race" mode to at least test the game. As if that wasn't enough, the command exchange menus are showing errors.

    A bad start for the “free” version of GRID Autosport, I hope Feral fixes these errors soon, as good offline racing simulators are rare on mobile.




    Developer: Feral Interactive
    Advertising: No | offline
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 9.0 / iOS 11.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 1.2GB

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