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    Grand Shooter: Offline 3D Shooting Game for Android and iOS

    Grand Shooter is a shooting game of the On Rails Shooter genre. It is a game along the same lines as classics like Time Crisis e Virtua cop. The camera wanders around the scenery and it's up to you to tap the screen to shoot and kill the bad guys. The game takes place in the Middle East, and despite the casual proposal, it has a good story.

    Inspired by classic arcade games with light guns (Light-Gun), Grand Shooter really looks like an arcade machine game. However, it is all in Spanish and just like the classics, it doesn't require internet to play, being completely offline.

    The game has an interesting plot, where a soldier who fought in the Middle East needs to rescue her girlfriend. The battle takes place in several regions and small cut scenes set the tone of the narrative.

    To shoot just tap the screen. It is possible to hit enemies at various points, but you get bonuses for disarming opponents. As the game is a national game, it is quite funny to hit a head shot, because the message, Na Jaca appears.

    The shooting follows the classic arcade pattern. You have to reload your weapon at the right time so you don't get shot by enemies. The game starts off easy, but gets more difficult over the course of several stages.

    - Opinion

    The game's producer is Spanish and does not hide the influences on the classics Time Crisis and Virtua Cop, making a point of highlighting both games in the launch trailers. Grand Shooter is one of those national games that makes us proud, as it is a ready-made game with a great finish and an addictive gameplay. A must for lovers of a good Arcade game.

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    Developer: Sanca Ventures
    Advertising: Yes | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.0 / iOS 8.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 265 MB

    [originally published January 30, 2017]

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