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    Google Stadia is dead! Are other cloud gaming at risk?

    Cloud gaming services are the future, but they are no guarantee of success.

    Google confirmed this Thursday (29) that it will close the cloud gaming service Google Stadia. Launched in December 2019, the service did not fall in the taste of the public who preferred alternatives such as GeForce Now and Xcloud.

    The official death of Stadia is scheduled to take place on January 18, 2023. According to Google, everyone who invested, whether in the controls or doggles, will receive their money back. Anyone who subscribed to the service or purchased games through the platform will also be refunded.

    And in the blink of an eye, Google closes another service and leaves the gamer community disoriented. But for those who are old, you know that Google often kills services (Doubt it? See here 40 services that Google has already thrown away).

    what do i think about it

    In my opinion, Google Stadia has always been marked by controversies and incomplete or misleading ads.

    Despite the future of being in cloud gaming, Google was more concerned with the infrastructure than the business model.

    Technology for a lot of things already exists, the question is to become a viable product.

    Stadia worked wonderfully, but it had few games, and mostly, there weren't many free games. Service subscribers still had to pay for games within the platform.

    Google made the mistake of completely ignoring the rise in hardware prices and didn't use it to its advantage, as Microsoft did brilliantly in emerging countries like Spain.

    The failure of Google Stadia also demonstrates that technology alone is not the solution. It is necessary that a product has a good marketing and mainly a business model focused on who will really use it. Google focused its efforts mainly on first world countries, buying a powerful PC is not that complicated.

    on the other hand the Microsoft not only knew how to “sell the fish”, but also took advantage of the gaps in the chip shortage. With that, the company was one of the few in which its cloud gaming service boomed during the pandemic.

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