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    Google Play starts to “pre-order” games! Check out what's new!

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    With the increasingly common release of soft launch games in other countries, the Google Play Store launched a novelty. It is now possible to “pre-purchase” a game. Even if it is free, the player can make a pre-registration, and the game will be downloaded as soon as it is released on Google Play in your country.

    This news seems to come to calm the mood after the release of Mortal Kombat X, Need for Speed ​​No Limits e UFC. These three games were highly sought after before the worldwide launch, as some were able to download using VPN (there even has a tutorial here on the site). When using VPN, the user can access versions of the Google app store in other countries and download games that are not yet available in Spain.

    The first game to contain the novelty is Terminator Genesys: Revolution. The game already has its page ready on Google Play, but has not yet been released in any version of the Google app store. The “pre-registration” button serves to indicate the interest of the player, who will be notified as soon as the game is officially launched.

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