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    Google Play launches “for kids” section with characters and focus on games

    The effort of the tech giants to win over the younger audience is far from ceasing. This week, Google remodeled sections of the Google Play website that looked better and won a section "for children".

    The new section called “New fun for the whole family” takes you to a page with selections of apps and games aimed at all ages (free rating). In other words, focused on games for children.

    Within this section, there is a novelty that was announced at this year's Google I/O event, the lists with “Favorite Characters”. In the image below, for example, we see that “Characters” lead to games and then to movies and books, extending the user experience with store and Android content.

    It goes without saying that the focus here is clearly on children. It's been a long time since smartphones and tablets became children's first video games and in many cases it's the only one they have.

    Perhaps that's where Nintendo's concern with mobile devices comes from. In addition to dominating the casual games market, cell phones and tablets are also dominating in children's games, clearly becoming the most used option by kids. Take care Nintendo!

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