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    Google Play: How to use Opinion Rewards credits for the 1st time

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    A lot of people don't know how to use the credits earned in surveys Google Opinion Rewards. See how to complete the registration at Google Play e use the credits, same without having a credit card.

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    When trying to buy a game or app on Google Play for the first time, the user is greeted with a simple screen with two options “Add Credit Card” and “Redeem Code”.

    A lot of people are confused about what to do right now. Google really didn't make it clear how to proceed here (if you don't have a credit card or giftcard).

    – See what you should do

    The secret is to go to “Redeem code” and type “googleopinionrewards” (without quotes). Then tap rescue.


    Google Play will present an error message, but even so, it is possible to proceed with the registration.

    On the next screen, the user needs to enter personal data (address and etc). Most importantly, enter your CPF if asked. Complete the registration.

    Ready. Once the registration is completed, the credit that was in Google Opinion Rewards will be available on Google Play and will appear as follows.

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