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    Google launches tool that improves performance in Android games

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    Google announced today (11) the Android Performance Tuner. A tool created for developers to optimize their games.

    The new tool is part of Android Vitals, which, according to Google, is the right destination for those who want to improve the performance of their applications.

    The new library allows developers to measure and optimize frame rates and graphics performance across more than 99% of the Android device ecosystem.

    As long as a user's device is running Android 4.1 (API 16) or higher, it will be possible to measure game performance, including tracking frame rate performance at each game-defined quality level.

    Developers can easily implement this library as part of their games.

    The tool allows you to reduce the visual in strategic parts, without having to reduce the complete visual of the game.

    In the example below, you can keep the same resolution and filters while reducing water reflections and very distant objects like vegetation.

    The tool greatly improves the “telemetry” of Android applications, especially in the games genre. Developers will be able to more easily track down performance issues and apply patches to their games.

    Developers will receive reports directly on the Google Play Console and will see data such as: which smartphones have a drop in frame rate, which frame time is worse, among other things.

    Android Performance Tuner is available for Android Game SDK and Unity via a plugin.

    Source: Google

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