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    Golden Bros, new NFT game is now available for download (APK)

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    golden bros, the new game of Netmarble that have play to earn e NFT has already started its early beta test. The game is available for fans who have smartphones or tablets with Android. It is possible to download the APK directly from the official website.

    Players will have the opportunity to purchase in-game tokens to upgrade their characters. Starting today (28), there will be a pre-order of 50 NFTs of a totally “unique” (?)

    How to play Golden Bros (modes)

    Bros Battle is a real-time 3v3 match, and the match status is shown on screen ① at the top of the screen. The eliminated Bro is shown in gray for easy identification.

    ② Use the joystick to move your Bro. Once the move is complete, the Bro automatically targets and attacks an enemy within range. You can drag the screen to choose which way the Bro moves.

    ③ Evasion allows you to use your Bro's special survival ability, which can adjust the distance between your Bro and an enemy, project a barrier, or generate a healing item. Evasion uses Stamina.

    When your ④ Ultimate Energy reaches 100%, you can use the Ultimate button. The Ultimate will fire in the direction your Bro is facing.

    Requirements to play Golden Bros

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    SO Android 7.0 or higher Android 9.0 or higher
    CPU 64 bits Octa-core
    4×2.3 GHz & 4×1.7 GHz
    2×2.73 GHz & 2×2.31 GHz & 4×1.95 GHz
    RAM 4GB or more At least 8GB

    How to make money with Golden Bros

    Golden Bros is built as a Play-to-Earn game at its core. While you can jump right into the fight with 9 free-to-play Bros and start earning gold and medals, you'll need an NFT outfit to start earning rewards.

    Both $GBC, the Golden Bros in-game token, and ITAM CUBE, the Golden Bros utility token, will have both in-game and out-of-game utilities to help you on your journey as a Bros. You can cash out what you've earned or invest it back into your Bros to challenge higher leagues and get bigger rewards. Withdrawals can be made through the Binance Exchange.

    Yes, you need to buy an NFT skin so you can be rewarded as you play.


    You can download the game directly from the official website. Right now, the game is in early access on Android, just download the apk here.

    Early access

    For now, Golden Bros is in early access only on Android. The game will also be released for iOS and PC soon.

    Portrait mode shooter? What were they thinking?

    It didn't even take 10 seconds of playing Golden Bros for me to think. OK! This is obviously an error, wait until I restart the game it will be in landscape mode.

    Did not stay.

    And Golden Bros is just that guys, a run and gun game in portrait mode. Not that this is bad, but the trailer, arts and information that they gave us, hinted that it would be a shooter like Overwatch or Valorant.

    If the gameplay didn't appeal to us, at least the play to earn part can attract those looking for a game like this.



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