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    Golden Bros: Netmarble surprises with NFT shooter

    A Netmarble surprised the world by presenting its first game with NFT. golden bros is a shooting game to Android, iOS e PC which will have a system Blockchain e Play-to-Earn. The game will be released soon, but the purchase of NFT items will start directly from exchange Binance.

    What is Golden Bros

    Golden Bros is a 3v3 multiplayer casual shooter with mobile and PC versions.

    Built on Unreal Engine 4 with more than 2 years of development, Golden Bros brings very beautiful graphics that resemble Fortnite.

    The game view, it seems, will be from above and the gameplay will be a mix of shooter, brawler and roguelike.

    According to the Whitepaper, the game will feature intense three-minute matches.

    The game does not yet have a set release date, but according to the “roadmap” available on the official website, the game will be released in the first half of 2022.



    Pre-sale of NFT items

    Netmarble has partnered with Binance, a well-known cryptocurrency operator that even works in Spain.

    The game's NFT items will be available for sale starting tomorrow, March 2nd.

    It is now possible to buy the game’s token, the ITAM CUBE cryptocurrency, through Binance.

    More about the pre-sale happening on the 2nd, on the official Binance website.

    More information about Golden Bros

    The game's contract is open and was certified by Certik, a well-known cryptocurrency contract security firm.

    Golden Bros will have its blockchain running on top of return ethereum.

    Global release?

    Early access to the game takes place in March. However, it has not yet been confirmed which platforms will have access to this early release.

    The global release of Golden Bros should only happen in April 2022. The information is on the official website, in the “Road Map” section.

    Official website:


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