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    Golden Bros debuts on Google Play and is bombarded with negative reviews

    Released precisely in the "off season" of the NFT games, Golden Bros was not very well received by the public. The game with versions for PC, Android and iOS brought a different gameplay than many imagined and its proposal of “pay to earn” sounds quite conservative for “investing gamers”.

    The NFT Games are not exactly the “trend” of the moment. In fact, the vast majority of releases are being frowned upon by the public, including those most interested in the subject, which are players who want to become “whales”, that is, to dominate the servers of a particular game.

    Many players criticized the price of NFT within Golden Bros, others did not like the delay in getting money out of the game. There were also critics of unbalanced matches. Something even normal for a competitive game at the beginning of its existence.

    But by far the biggest dissatisfaction of “investing players” was with the Golden Bros Token. The game's Token (GBC), which could be exchanged for the ITAMCUBE cryptocurrency, turned out to have a very low value, on the order of one to 100. The game's launch had very little impact on the cryptocurrency.

    Many players have reported that they invested in the game during the beta stage yet and spent months playing and didn't get a good return on investment (ROI). And even with the game released, many complain about the system to "withdraw" money from the game, which literally implies investing more than you get back. Only in Tier 3 is the game able to receive everything it has invested.

    Difficulty getting a return on the “investment” drove some players away

    The durability of NFT has been criticized a lot too, because the "burn" is very fast and players need to "spend on durability" for their characters to last longer.

    On the other hand, despite the negative reviews, Golden Bros is being a download success. The game is being highly sought after precisely because it is one of the few releases today with the appeal of “earning money playing on mobile”.

    The gameplay isn't quite what many expected either. With an art reminiscent of Fortnite, and with the slogan of being a AAA game, Golden Bros is actually a game with a top-down view and very short matches.

    This makes it hard to believe in an NFT project in the future. Golden Bros was highly anticipated, but it seems that Netmarble's promises have not been fulfilled.

    golden bros is now available on the App Store, Google Play and PC (via CUBE Launcher).


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