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    Global Offensive Mobile: “CS:GO Mobile” disappeared without a trace

    Global Offensive Mobile, nicknamed by many as “CS:GO Mobile” disappeared over the weekend. The game ended its beta test prematurely, deleted all social media and gave no warning to players.

    On Google Play, all in-game footage has been removed. The game's official Facebook page deleted all posts.

    This is something very strange, but at the same time it is something very common.

    All this that is happening confirms that Global Offensive Mobile was not, and never was, an “official” game. It was another Counter Strike clone that must have received the dreaded letter from Valve and with that it deleted all its posts and closed its activities to avoid any process.

    Yes, we know that the game's Discord was managed by the same person who runs the Perfect World Mobile server, and that the game had a privacy policy page that linked directly to Perfect World. For those who don't know, Perfect World takes care of the Counter Strike franchise in China. However, none of this was a guarantee that the game would be released globally.

    Everything related to Perfect World was removed from the game. And what happens now?

    It may be that the game comes back in the near future or it may "die" for good as happened with Area F2. The future of this “CS:GO Mobile” is completely uncertain.

    Global Offensive Mobile can still be launched on cell phones soon or will it become another “Area F2”? Leave a comment.

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