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    Global Offensive: “ex-CS GO Mobile” retorna como The Origin Mission

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Global Offensive came out in February 2021 and many dubbed the game “CS: GO Mobile”. The game disappeared in March, but came back reformulated this week, with the name of The Origin Mission.

    Yes, the game is now called The Origin Mission and it looks like it left behind any traces that could cause copyright issues.

    This week the game returned with a new name and new publisher. The game is being developed by DDD Studio and is in pre-registration.

    The gameplay remains very similar to Counter Strike, but it seems that the developer has changed the design of some weapons, knives and some maps.

    The Origin Mission's first beta test will be in Thailand. In that country, the game will have a beta test from June 3rd.

    There's no global release date yet, but we'll keep an eye out.

    To sign up for pre-registration and receive news about the game. Visit the official website:

    In-game social media:

    The Origin Mission Official website:

    FaceBook Official Link:

    YouTube Official Link:

    Twitter Official Link:


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