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    Ghosts of War: WW2 is in beta testing on Android

    Ghosts of War: WW2 is a multiplayer shooter set in World War II. The game is the brainchild of XDEVS LTD, and is currently in closed beta testing on Android. Many gamers are referring to the game as a “Battlefield V” for Android, but that moniker might sound a little too far-fetched.

    Ghosts of War: WW2 offers a multiplayer similar to the multiplayer mode of COD Mobile, however, no futuristic war, the focus here is really the Second World War.

    It's not the first time that XDEVS LTD bets on a multiplayer similar to COD or World War II themed. The company had already tried it with Striker Zone 3D and Tank Force. Ghosts of War: WW2 feels like a union of the two previous ideas.

    And also like the two previous ideas, Ghosts of War: WW2 feels kind of “raw”. The game is well made, some textures and character modeling look weird.

    Still, it looks like a good game to compete with Azur Interactive's already tired World War Heroes.

    The idea is good! Enjoy a “niche” game. World War Heroes looks tired, but only from a development point of view (as the game is a success within its segment). The game just lost a little in in-app purchases.

    This makes room for players to have a new option and that's where Ghosts of War: WW2.

    However, don't rely too much on Google Play screenshoots. Even on high-end devices, Ghosts of War: WW2 isn't that pretty.

    Gameplay do canal 4Play Mobile:

    Ghosts of War: WW2 is in pre-registration on Google Play, you can check the link below.

    GOOGLE PLAY (Android)

    Developer: XDEVS LTD
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4
    Language: English | Size: 545 MB

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