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    Geshin Impact: All About Update 1.2 and New Region (Dragonspine)

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    And the leaks have already started. 1.2 version de Genshin impact. The beta test in China has already started and as usual, several leaks have started to happen. See what is known so far about the next update.

    The leaked images show a new ice region that might be called Dragonspine (Dragon's Spine?) and that according to the schedule that was officially announced, it should be launched in December 23rd. After that we will have the 1.3 update (which should arrive in February 2021) and will have the event "Lantern Rite ".


    • Date of next Genshin Impact update: December 23.
    • Two new characters revealed: Albedo and Ganyu.
    • New ice region revealed.
    • Possibly there will be an option that will facilitate the collection of chests and register the ones already collected.

    Check out the leaked images:

    Players speculate that the new ice region is an inaccessible area that is visible on the game's interactive map.


    Coming from the official Genshin Impact Reddit, two new characters have been leaked. Reddit let the post live for a few hours and then it was closed, but you can check out a summary of it here.

    The two new characters appear to be Albedo and Ganyu. Remember these are Beta version names, they may change when the update is released in the west.

    Ganyu will be the new playable character in Genshin Impact. She already appears when playing, but only as an NPC. 4 star character.


    Albedo is a new character, apparently with a “Geo” element. 5 star character.

    One of the most interesting curiosities, and the most talked about rumor so far, is the chest registration option. Players saw this image below and according to the comments of some, this would be a book with tips on how to get the chests in the game. Have you thought? But for the avoidance of doubt, use the Interactive Map to collect all the chests and always mark on it the ones you have already taken.


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    Sources: Reddit and Twitter.

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