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    Genshin Impact starts new beta test today (Android and iOS)

    Dubbed by many as “The Legend of Zelda Breath to the Wild Clone”, Genshin impact, open world RPG started another beta test today (18). The game, which is planned for Playstation 4, Switch, PC and mobile phones, has very beautiful graphics and gameplay focused on the story and cooperative.

    The visual quality is impressive, but it's in the gameplay that Genshin Impact tries to do something different. The game will follow the same formula as Dragon Raja. In theory it's not an MMORPG, but in practice it is. However, the focus on the story will keep the player chatting with NPCs and doing a lot of quests (Game will not have PvP at launch).

    The game will arrive translated into Spanish. Genshin Impact's producer is the same as Honkai Impact. That's why it's not surprising the studio's ability to get the most out of the Unity, inclusive no mobile.

    Official website to sign up for the beta:

    New beta test launch trailer:


    Game announcement trailer (all with in-game cutscenes):

    Main city presentation trailer (IN SPANISH / Enable subtitles):


    Mobile gameplay:



    On the continent where the seven elements converge – “Tiwat”, everyone can become a god.

    In this vast world, you travel freely, meet your companions, and meet the seven gods who control the earthly elements, until you are reunited with the separated blood relatives and witness the fallout of all travel at the end.

    “Genshin Impact” is a new open world adventure game developed by Miha You. The game takes place in a fantasy world called “Tiwat”, where the person selected by God will receive the “Eye of God” to guide the power of the elements. You will play a mysterious role called “traveler”. In travels, you meet companions with different personalities and unique abilities, defeat strong enemies and recover lost loved ones - at the same time gradually discover "The truth of the original God".

    Genshin Impact is set to be released globally in 2020.

    [originally published March 18, 2020]

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