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    Genshin Impact's One Year Anniversary Makes Players Revolt

    The community of Genshin impact not at all happy with the birthday event one year of the game. According to players, the celebration event is a Fracasso e as recompensations are much lower than expected.

    Understanding the Genshin Impact controversy

    Released on September 28, 2020 for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4 and PC, Genshin Impact is an impressive open world game that delivers a console experience for mobile gamers.

    The game is very reminiscent of old Online RPGs, by giving up any automatic function and offering a real open world.

    However, to unlock new characters, it is necessary to use a “gacha” system, which is nothing more than a mechanism with random chances. And as we've explored in other articles, this system is unfair most of the time.

    Complaints about the anniversary event have been going on for a week now, and there was an expectation that miHoYo would redeem itself at the last minute. This did not happen and the subject exploded again on social media. At the moment, mentions of the producer of Genshin Impact already exceed 445 on Twitter.

    phoda mihoyo

    maintenance rewards//genshin's birthday

    — Lursga do Assembly (@luquinhafofojpg) September 28, 2021

    There was no shortage of comments on social media. Some players accused the company of being “stingy” and only looking to make a profit.

    » Are you aware that Mihoyo spent 1 Million Dollars for each Hashtag with Personagen?

    » Is it interesting marketing? Yes, just right... if we had also won something relevant in the game together in celebration of the 1 year Anniversary
    Which so far is not the case!#GenshinImpact #原神

    — ViniPedrozaS✨ (@ViniPedrozaS) September 28, 2021

    The criticism has its point when we look at the game's financial success. Genshin Impact raised no less than $1 billion dollars in six months. The magic number is just counting the Android and iOS versions.

    Frustration turned to revolt and the players went on the attack. Genshin Impact's overall rating began to drop in the app stores. The game is rated 1.9 / 5 on Google Play. The drop was not so sudden on the App Store, but it has already started to appear, The game went from 4.7 / 5 to 4.2 / 5.

    Genshin Impact rating plummets on Google Play (Image: Handout)

    How is the birthday event anyway?

    In the Genshin Impact Anniversary Event, players are presented with 10 prayers (chances) and 40 Special Gems, as they watch an interactive video with a summary of their in-game history. Remember that it takes 160 Special Gems to get a prayer.

    Genshin Impact Anniversary Event Rewards (Image: Handout)

    There are also prizes for daily logins during the anniversary with: 80 thousand mora (in-game currency), 18 refinement ores and 8 Hero XP books.

    There's even a mini-event to invite friends to play Genshin Impact. Each friend yields rewards, but there is a limit of five essential gems.

    Many players are complaining – and with good reason – that the rewards of the anniversary event are worse than other events in the game. And it's true!

    However, demanding that the company give out very large prize pools is really not understanding the trap of gacha games.

    Accept that it hurts less: gacha games generate frustration

    Genshin Impact's anniversary event only brought to light just how frustrating gacha games are - not just sometimes, but every time - and especially for anyone who's spent money on the game.

    It's no use! One of the features of such games is the random chance to win something good in the game. And for every time you get the character you want, there are 100 or even 400 times you don't.

    Interactive video that is part of Genshin Impact's anniversary chronicles the player's adventures (Image: Handout)

    Gacha games generate frustration, period. As much as you lie to yourself that everything is okay, in reality, in your subconscious, everything is not okay. And that pent-up frustration resurfaces at some point. That's what happened to Genshin Impact players.

    You see, miHoYo hasn't promised anything for the event, which is actually pretty cool from the point of view of those who haven't spent anything on the game. There is even the possibility of winning an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    What happens is that the company was able to exploit very well the desire that players had to collect all characters or specific characters with good tier.

    The frustration held by many players, turned to hope that it was all worth it in a fictional surprise event. A lot of people expected free 5 star character, lots of banners anyway, literally a game ending event.

    The community created unfounded expectations and started to make comparisons with other games that "are dying" and desperately need to "call players back". This is not the case for Genshin.

    Games as a service are like that. They unfold as they are served to players. And in the case of blockbuster games like Genshin Impact, there's no reason to launch events with lots of free items to invite players back. Whenever a game starts to give away a lot of things for free, it's a sign that it's "falling". And for now, Genshin is doing very well.

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