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    Genshin Impact releases new “documentary” with the adventures of players

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    To celebrate the two years since the launch of Genshin impact, and also to celebrate the union of the player community, the HoYoverse (ex miHoYo) released a documentary with stories about player interaction in and out of the game.

    The 5-minute video will take players on a journey through memorable encounters with characters and other players. The video is generated within the game, but HoYoverse has also made available a “standard” version that can be watched in the video below:


    Right at the beginning of the video, at 0:27, it is possible to see the action carried out at Copacabana beach in March of this year.

    More than 150.000 posts of unforgettable stories featuring Genshin Impact were shared in less than a month on the HoYoLAB gaming community forum for the #EndlessJourney player story submission event. Also, among all the player stories collected in the last two years, some were adapted, staged and featured in the latest documentary. Others were displayed on outdoor landmarks and banners in various regions and languages.

    The phenomenon of the moment

    world phenomenon, Genshin Impact has over 63 million monthly players (, and fatura one billion dollars every 6 months (only the recipe on mobile).

    This free Online RPG is the biggest mobile phenomenon today. Recently, a new update was released with a new region to explore and an anime de Genshin Impact.

    For a mobile game, the scale of production is impressive. A truly massive open-world game with a drawn-out but grandiose story. It is without a doubt the greatest mobile game of recent times.

    Much of the success is due to the fact that the game is different from most mobile games today.

    Genshin Impact focuses on the single player experience and tighter co-op mode for up to 4 players. It is not an MMO and does not have the typical “mess” of this genre.

    In Genshin Impact, the player can tackle the story alone or play with friends in shared worlds. In this way, the game gives the slight impression of being a premium game, as there are no automatic combats. However, there are power limiters after a certain point.

    The adventure and Teyvat continues with no sign that its hype will diminish anytime soon.

    In addition to Android and iOS, Genshin Impact has versions for PC, PS4 and PS5.


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