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    Genshin Impact: How to Redeem Amazon Prime Rewards

    O Amazon Prime is offering various in-game rewards Genshin impact. see how redeem codes with the items offered to service subscribers.

    By subscribing to Amazon Prime video streaming, in case you didn't know, you're also subscribing to Twitch Prime, and within Twitch it is possible to redeem rewards for various games. This time, Genshin Impact was added. See how to win lots of rewards and codes for the game.

    Genshin Impact Codes – redeem code October 2022

    There will be 8 drops with good rewards for fans of the miHoYo game, one each week! The first of them has already been released and they are:

    60 essential gems, 8 hero exp, and 5 mushroom pizzas.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to redeem all rewards directly from your mobile.

    Step 1. Access the website:

    Step 2. Very easy, tap (or click) the blue “Redeem Now” button.

    Step 3. Scroll down and click on “Login”.


    Step 4. Click Continue.

    Step 5. Enter your details to enter Amazon Prime.

    Step 6. After that click on “Redeem Now”.

    Step 7. At the end, the page will show you the code for you to redeem. Tap the “Copy” button to copy the code to the Transparency Area.


    Step 8. On the reward page you can see instructions on how to redeem the code directly in the game. See a summary of the procedure below:

    To redeem a code directly on Genshin Impact. Open the options menu and go to settings. (Photo: Reproduction/Dario Coutinho)
    Click account. (Photo: Reproduction/Dario Coutinho)
    Click Redeem Now. (Photo: Reproduction/Dario Coutinho)
    Paste the code. (Photo: Reproduction/Dario Coutinho)


    Step 9. You can also redeem the code directly from the miHoYo code site. So, you don't even need to open the game, just remember where your character's server is. Spain's default is America.

    Website to redeem codes:


    Open the site to redeem miHoYo codes.
    Enter your username and password and solve the captcha.


    Paste the code and tap “Redeem” or “Redeem”.
    Rewards will appear in your in-game mail/email.


    Finishing up and how to get other Prime rewards

    As you saw. There will be 8 rewards released every 14 days. So stay tuned for emails from Amazon or here on the website, as we will always inform you when new rewards are released.



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