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    Genshin Impact gets “60 fps” option on Android

    miHoYo has just updated Genshin impact. The new feature is 60 frames per second support mode on Android. In case you didn't know, this option was disabled on Android during the game's launch.

    Despite many people swearing "on their feet" that their phone was running Genshin Impact "smooth at 60fps", the truth is that the option came disabled on Android. In many scenes, the framerate drops below 26fps.

    The update is only enabled for the latest “High End” devices with Snapdragon 845 processors and the like.

    [ERRACT] According to several players who sent us emails and messages on social media, the option to play at 60fps is already available on practically all compatible devices.

    The update is internal and you don't need to update the APK on Google Play.

    Genshin Impact's full settings menu looks like the image below:

    Genshin Impact gameplay on a POCO X3 (launch version, without 60 fps and with fps counter).

    Interestingly, iOS came with 60fps at launch. Check out Genshin Impact gameplay on an iPhone 11 Pro Max (showing the 60fps option).

    – PlayStation 4 “lagando”?

    Is your phone “crying” to run Genshin Impact? If it's any consolation, the PlayStation 4 version isn't exactly the height of “crunch”. On PS4 Base and Slim, Genshin Impact is capped at 30fps with some still notable frame drops. Probably the PS4 version will also get an update in the near future.

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