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    Genshin Impact developer creates app with virtual character

    miHoYo, the developer behind the mega-success Genshin impact, has just announced its new smartphone app. O N0va Desktop. The application will be a kind of “interactive window” where you will be able to interact with the character Enlightenment.

    Created entirely with the Unreal Engine, the character promises to fulfill that “wet dream” of the Otakus of having a “virtual Waifu”. The official description doesn't say anything about it, but we know you're going to download this app for that.

    Official description:

    Talk to Lumi anytime, anywhere with just one tap. Developed by miHoYo Limited, N0va Desktop is an immersive and interactive wallpaper app featuring an adorable virtual character, Lumi. Stay up to date with the latest Lumi content, experience immersive and interactive wallpapers, and take Lumi with your device on your daily adventures!

    “The motto of the miHoYo team is 'Tech Otakus Save the World!'. Our sincere desire is to create high-quality, richly detailed content using innovative and advanced technologies.” said Forrest Liu, President General of miHoYo. “By improving not only Lumi but also the technology behind it, we not only hope to improve in all aspects of content creation such as games, animations, live streams, among others, but we also want to provide a complete set of technological solutions from Lumi. to other creators and help everyone produce more high-quality content.”

    Currently, Lumi has been implemented in miHoYo's N0va Desktop product.

    About Lumi and N0va Desktop
    -Lumi is miHoYo's first animated virtual character created using the Unreal Engine and motion capture technology.
    -Movements, facial expressions, musculature and even skin texture were created with fantastic detail.
    -Currently, Lumi has already launched his Youtube channel and the PC application N0va Desktop and in the future it will have more formats including live streams.
    -N0va Desktop is the first Lumi deployment application and is currently available in 18 languages.
    -The PC version of N0va Desktop can now be downloaded from:
    -Users can do the pre-register for android app N0va Desktop that will be officially released on December 18, 2020:

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