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    Genshin Impact: Complete How-To Play Guide and Tips to “Level Up” Fast!

    Learn More Genshin impact, a game of open world which is conquering a legion of fans on cell phones. The game is unlike anything we've seen on the mobile platform and brings an adventure full of challenges with an anime look and a huge influence from "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild".

    Table of Contents

    • – What is Genshin Impact?
    • – What Genshin Impact IS NOT!
    • – Is the mobile version of Genshin Impact different from PC and PlayStation 4?
    • – Is Genshin Impact a “gacha”? Will I need to spend money?
    • – How to download Genshin Impact
    • – Tips on how to play Genshin Impact and evolve quickly
      • Got lost? What to do in Genshin Impact to level up fast
      • How to find precious (luxurious) chest?
      • How to find new quests in Genshin Impact?
      • Where are the rewards?
      • How to equip your character and improve his items
      • Talents and Evolution and Resonance between characters

    – What is Genshin Impact?

    Genshin Impact complete guide.

    Genshin Impact is the open world RPG in which the player will explore the kingdom of Teyat. Developed by the producer miHoYo, the game has versions for Android, iOS, PC (Windows) and PlayStation 4.

    Genshin is online, but most of the adventure can be played in “singleplayer mode”. It is possible to invite other players to “your world” and play in “cooperative mode”. For now, Genshin Impact does not have a PvP mode.

    Unlike other Mobile RPGs, Genshin Impact doesn't have short battles or "automatic mode". The game doesn't even have a "touch and walk alone" mission guide. To show where the next mission is, the player needs to choose from a menu (we'll explain more later in this article).

    The game is attracting a lot of public attention for its anime look, with very beautiful graphics, along with a truly open world. The game's map is gigantic (immense!) and gives you complete freedom of exploration.

    The similarity with some mechanics of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” such as: gliding, cooking and facing enemies, also draws attention, but in Genshin Impact, you control up to 4 characters and switch between them even when fighting.

    – What Genshin Impact IS NOT!

    Let's make something very clear here. Genshin Impact is not one of those RPGs with short battles that we see by the thousands on Mobile. I have nothing against the genre, but after playing about 100 games of this type, surely anyone gets tired of how repetitive and “mercenary” these games are.

    Despite the impressive look. Game does not compare with the Nintendo classic.

    There are no automatic battles, no automatic button. Anyway, there is nothing automated, you will have to command all actions like a “real game”.

    However, it is worth remembering that Genshin Impact, despite the similarities, is not The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game does not have very elaborate boss battles like the Nintendo classic, let alone those “Shadow of the Colossus” moments present in Breath of the Wild.

    Genshin Impact is also not an OFFLINE RPG, despite what it looks like. You need to be logged in 100% of the time to play.

    – Is the mobile version of Genshin Impact different from PC and PlayStation 4?

    Genshin Impact mobile is exactly the same game on PC and PS4. You can even start playing on mobile and continue on PC. You can play with anyone who is on PlayStation 4 or PC. However, so far it is not possible to log in with the mobile account on the PS4.

    – Is Genshin Impact a “gacha”? Will I need to spend money?

    Yea! Genshin Impact is a game with “gacha” elements. For those who don't know, gacha game is a term used to designate games with packages/chests that give random chances to take out characters and weapons.

    No wonder the characters in the game are very detailed. This is the way the company hopes to monetize the game, through the purchase of characters, skins and so on.

    The game is even getting the nickname “Breath of the Waifu”. You must wonder why?

    However, the game doesn't require (and doesn't really require ok?) that you spend anything to get strong enough to complete the story. You can complete the main story only with the characters given by the game.

    It is also possible to gain characters just by earning the pebbles that the game gives. But that way, collecting all the characters will take a lot of time.

    Genshin even generated an unusual case in the gaming world. Several players were complaining that there is no PvP and no need to "rush" to have the best characters and items in the game.

    It seems that miHoYo has really achieved something that many developers have wanted for years on mobile: creating an open world that players just enjoy and feel free to spend. There is no “pressure”, there is no feeling that the “game is limiting you”. Genshin Impact is a game to play and relax.

    – How to download Genshin Impact

    You can download Genshin Impact right now from Google Play (Android) App Store (iOS), PC (Windows) e PlayStation 4.

    The requirements to play and how to get around this if your device is incompatible, you can check the article below:

    Genshin Impact incompatible on Android? Download the APK! (bonus: list of compatible phones)

    – Tips on how to play Genshin Impact and evolve quickly

    So let's go to a set of tips on how not to get lost in the world of Genshin Impact, because believe me, it's very easy to not know what to do in this game.

    The first tip is kind of obvious, explore the immense world of the game. Collect everything, everything even if it flashes on the screen. In the beginning, when you don't have the best healers (healing characters), the ideal is to collect lots of fruits and food to heal yourself. If you find a place to cook, use your creativity to prepare different dishes.

    You start the game by following Paimon, a small familiar that your character catches by mistake. Follow her until you find Amber and complete the in-game tutorial. This tutorial will also cover the combat part, which teaches how the powers of various characters can be combined in battle.


    Genshin Impact: Tips and Best Characters to Get Started

    Got lost? What to do in Genshin Impact to level up fast

    After completing the initial tutorial, the game opens and you can explore the world of Genshin Impact. That's when many people get lost without knowing exactly what to do. Following the main story can be tricky as the next challenges require your character to be at a higher “adventure level”.

    You can earn XP (for the adventure level) by exploring the game world. In order not to do this at all, we have prepared a series of tips:

    1. Search for and activate teleport towers: As the game world is quite vast, traveling between some regions can take a lot of time. You can save time by activating teleport towers. In addition, they grant experience points for the adventure level.
    2. Look for rare chests: To evolve your character and his talents (explained below), you will have to collect many items to improve them. A quick way to do this is by finding chests. In addition to the common chests in the game, there are luxury chests with many items. They change location over time. To keep track of where the best chests are, check out our article on an interactive map.
    3. Search for “Anemo” to increase your character's Stamina. Stamina is essential for your character to climb, swim and fly longer. With the interactive map, you will find them more easily. On the interactive map, tap on each “Anemo” (it's like this because the map is in English) to see a tutorial on how to access these hidden items.

    Anemos appear on the map with the symbol of a “wind rose”
    Collect Anemos and then offer them to the “Towers of 7”. With this you increase the stamina of your characters and can climb higher places, run, fly and swim for longer.

    4. Search for “Statues of the 7”. When collecting the Anemos, you go to the Statue of 7. The statues of 7 are places where you make Anemo offerings, which increase your stamina and adventure rank. With these statues, you quickly reach rank 10 and unlock new places to explore.

    Go to the statues of the 7 and click "offer" and use the Anemos to level up your stamina and adventure rank.

    5. Just like “Anemo”, “Geo” gives your characters stamina. But each one is focused on a type of attack, collect what you want to evolve faster.

    For all the tips here, it is best to use the interactive map to locate items easily.

    How to find precious (luxurious) chest?

    The tip below only works with the Interactive Map, which is a website that you access and can find the location of all the items in the game. The website is this here.

    Finding Precious (Luxury) Chest Easy? Again use the interactive map. However, you can find them just by walking around the map.


    Genshin Impact: Interactive Map shows location of chests, anemos and more

    How to find new quests in Genshin Impact?

    Got lost don't know how to continue the story? Below you can see how to access the mission guide.

    Accessing the missions guide is very easy. In the game, just tap the exclamation mark in the upper left corner of the screen. It will open the quest guide. In it, you will see the main, side, daily and event quests.

    Just tap on a mission and navigation will be activated and you will see a yellow dot on the map, indicating the mission. But unlike other mobile games, the character does not “walk automatically”. You will have to complete all missions manually.

    Where are the rewards?

    As you complete quests, you collect rewards like Gold, Fate Fate, Special Gem, Orbs of Refinement, and more.

    See locations to collect rewards.

    Locations to redeem rewards.

    These rewards are spread out in various locations (mail, event page, etc). Below you can see the main locations

    How to equip your character and improve his items

    Each item to equip in Genshin Impact has levels ranging from 5 stars to XNUMX stars. Items to equip are weapons and artifacts.

    In Genshin Impact there is no armor. In place of armor, your character uses artifacts. They are usually represented by items such as watches, flowers, feathers, etc. These artifacts yield bonuses that increase health, give more resistance, activate healing effects, etc.

    Artifacts can be equipped and replace the armor concept.

    You can use unused artifacts to strengthen your used artifacts and increase their potential.

    The same thing can be done with swords, bows, etc. Each character has their own weapon style.

    Talents and Evolution and Resonance between characters

    Only upgrade the characters you will actually use.

    Character abilities are called talents. Each character has active feats (strikes), passive abilities (for one only) and passive abilities for the party.

    It is very important to assemble a very heterogeneous group, as there are healer characters that can even revive dead characters and heal them when they are not in battle.

    You can evolve your characters in two ways. Strengthening your attributes in the “enhanced” option or in the constellations option. This option guarantees a huge leap in the evolution of your characters, unlocking new abilities. However, it does require you to have repeated invocations of that character.

    Check out below a description of this synergy that in the game is called “Elemental Resonance”. Those symbols that appear when loading the game are not “for nothing”. These symbols representing the elemental power of each character.

    To create resonance, just use two characters of the same element in the team.

    Geo Durability

    Increases resistance to interruptions. When shielded, increases Attack Damage by 15%.


    Pyro's Passion

    Reduces the duration of Cryo (freezing) effects by 40%. Increases the team's attack by 25%.


    Hydro cure

    Fire effects affect 40% .Healing increases by 30%.


    Anemo's Agility (great for exploring the map)

    Reduces Stamina consumption by 15%. Increases Speed ​​and Movement by 10%. Decreases skill cooldown by 5%.


    Electro energy

    Reduces duration of water effects by 40%. Superconducting, Overload and Electrically Charged have a 100% chance to generate a Paarticula Elemental Electro (DC: 5s).


    Cryo impact

    Reduces the duration of Electro affixes by 40%. Increases crit rate against enemies frozen or affected by Cryo by 15%.

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