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    Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd Crossover Coming July 9

    miHoYo, developer of Genshin impact e Honkai Impact 3rd revealed that the Crossovers between its two main games will start in July 9, 2021. The crossover will include characters from one game in others. Both titles are available on Android and iOS and are free to download and play.

    Fischl and Keqing will stop in the world of Honkai Impact starting July 9th. (Photo: Publicity)

    The event will be called “Outworld Quest” and will start with an update for Honkai Impact 3rd called “Outworld Traveler”. This update, v4.9, will introduce the character Fishl, a mage and archer from Genshin. She will take a trip to another world, that of Honkai Impact.

    Watch the trailer that will bring the “modest” Fishl to Honkai Impact:

    Always accompanied by her faithful friend Oz (a crow), Fischl is known as the “Prinzessin der Verurteilung”. Detail, Fischl is a world traveler and she is also not an inhabitant of Teyvat. In Genshin's story, she came from another world.

    For those who know Genshin but have never played Honkai Impact, this is miHoYo's previous game, an anime-looking game with futuristic scenarios in which girls called Valkyries will fight monstrous entities called Honkai. The game was released in 2016, and we posted it here in Spain first hand.

    The [Outworld Quest] crossover event where technology and magic coexist is the collaborative project between the game's main factions Honkai Impact, the Schicksal and Anti-Entropy. Players can freely explore maps, interact with NPCs and objects, and unlock fun subquests with chibi characters. Also, Kiana's true identity will be revealed in the upcoming Chapter XXV. Players can complete certain quests and challenges to earn Theresa's cross outfit [Heat of Trifolium], [Outworld Quest Emblem], Stigma, Shards, and Crystals.

    In addition to the “princess of doom”, Keqing from Genshin Impact will also be available to play as a Valkyrie in Honkai Impact 3rd.

    Links de Honkai Impact 3rd no Android, iOS e PC.

    Links de Genshin Impact no Android, iOS e PC.

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