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    Genshin Impact: after player revolt, new rewards begin to appear

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    After the great negative impact and even revolt of some players with the rewards of the anniversary events of Genshin impact, miHoYo is sending new rewards to players. This is what a Reddit leak points to.


    The new reward, according to a thread on Reddit, will be divided into 4 parts, and has already started to appear in the in-game mail. As the leak suggests, it could be that each of the reward messages has 400 essential gems, which would total 1600 gems (10 chances for new characters). A glider skin will also be offered.

    Also according to leaks on Reddit, this reward was a paid pack that would be sold in the in-game store, but due to the great negative impact of the anniversary event, it started to be distributed for free.

    See the translation of the message:

    “Many thanks to all travelers 1/4

    Dear travelers,

    We sincerely thank you for your continued support and love for Genshin Impact, and we would like to offer this thank you gift to express our gratitude.
    Also, we have specially prepared the GI online concert on October 3rd and hope you will join us. May Teyvat bring you more joy and good memories.”
    May Teyat bring you more joy and sweet memories.”

    weird party

    It was supposed to be a big event celebrating one year of this amazing open world online RPG, but it turned into a huge mess for miHoYo.

    What started out as harmless turned out to be a major problem for the company after it was leaked that it was blocking negative reviews on app stores. It even made it to Metacritic.

    In stores like Google Play, the game's rating has reached up to 1.9 out of 5 stars.

    Although many think that rating does not matter, in fact many negative reviews make the app or app no ​​longer recommended for new players. Bad grades are bad for the game's organic growth.

    After numerous criticisms and even a very negative article in Forbes, it seems that miHoYo has finally surrendered and will offer more rewards in the game.

    It was supposed to be a big party, but it turned into a big mess. Will the new rewards calm things down?

    With information from GameRadar and Reddit.

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