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    Geforce Now: How to Fix Top Errors (0xc0f1103f And Others)

    In this article I will detail some of the most common errors that happen in Nvidia's Geforce Now service. See how to solve or work around most of the errors.

    – Common mistake: starting a game and trying to install/download another from Steam

    Já recebeu o aviso: “You can’t play this game right now”?

    The most common mistake I see out there. The guys start a game and then browse the Steam library (inside the Geforce Now server) and try to install another game.

    That's not how the service works!

    The solution itself is described in English in the error message. “You need to launch the desired game through the Geforce Now app”.

    You must open the game by browsing the Geforce Now app and then launch that same game. Finished playing? Tap the menu on the left of the screen, tap the three dots and choose “Exit Game”.

    To switch games, you need to exit the game and go back to the Geforce Now home screen.
    This is how the service works, search for games within Geforce Now.

    When returning to the Geforce Now app home screen, you can choose another game. To make the search easier, use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Not every Steam game is available on Geforce Now. It's no use insisting. If it is incompatible, it will always give the same error. Compatible games pop up in the Geforce Now search.

    – Unable to connect: Error 800c0014

    The error that “Cannot connect” is directly linked to the quality of your internet connection. You must have a good internet connection and a good router to qualify for the service.

    It is worth remembering that despite being functional in Spain, Geforce Now was not officially launched here. The servers that run the games are located in the United States and part of Europe.

    Trying to use over 4G will also result in this error. Even if you are in an area of ​​good coverage. For now, the service works best on mobile via Wi-Fi.

    – Unable to login to Steam

    If you are having trouble logging into Steam within Geforce Now, change your password. Put a simpler password, to test the service. Often, you can type the password quickly, thinking you typed it right and the password is wrong.

    – Error 0xc0f1103f

    This error is very common in PC and Notebook users. Interestingly, it happens more on computers with a dedicated graphics card.

    I had this error even with a notebook with an Nvidia GPU.

    The solution is simple, you must disable using Nvidia or Radeon GPU in Geforce Now program.

    On computers using Nividia GPU, you can access the graphics card panel and choose the “Integrated graphics” option.

    Already in Older AMD Software:

    1. Right-click on the desktop and choose “Configure Switchable Graphics”. If this option is not available, choose “Catalyst Control Panel” and click the Power tab on the left and Switchable Graphics.
    2. Find the Geforce Now program in the list and select the “Low performance” option for it. If it is not in the list, use the Browse button to manually select the program's executable (.EXE) file.
    3. Click Apply.

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