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    Geforce Now comes to iOS via Safari and with “Fortnite coming soon”

    Innovation cannot be stopped. Despite Apple banning cloud gaming apps on iOS, Nvidia created a way to use Geforce Now via the Safari browser. The “gambiarra” in addition to being daring still comes with a “Fortnite coming soon” stamped on the screen.

    Phil Eisler, head of GeForce Now at Nvidia, told a press conference that previous work with Chromebooks on WebRTC technology paved the way for Apple's default browser debut. He noted that Apple suggested that Nvidia go the way of the web when it found it could not overcome the obstacles and restrictions of the App Store store.

    Nvidia is taking advantage of WebRTC, an open source technology that allows real-time communication and interaction in a web browser. Apple supports WebRTC in Safari.

    “We spoke with Apple about implementing the GeForce Now iOS app. And they felt cloud gaming didn't fit their rules," Eisler said in response to a question from GamesBeat. “And then they recommended that we adopt a web-based implementation. And that's what we did. We created a web-based implementation based on the open standard of WebRTC.”

    “We are dedicated to being an open store platform,” said Eisler. “It's a fundamental principle. We want to support all PC game stores so that players can bring their own games they already have in those stores” and play wherever they want.

    GeForce Now has about 5 million members. Users can use the service for free or sign up for a $5 per month plan and have access to 750 games (you still need to pay for the game at other stores), including more than 75 free games . Eisler said that Nvidia streams over 15 million hours of games from 250 publishers a month. Nvidia now has 22 data centers for the service, which is available in 70 countries (GeForce Now is not yet available in Spain).

    Players can instantly access games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and more. Founding members can also play titles like Watch Dogs: Legion with advanced real-time ray tracing technologies like RTX and DLSS, and without having to wait in line like those using the free version of Nvidia.

    GeForce Now in Safari, at this point, requires a gamepad. For the best experience, Nvidia recommends a gamepad recommended for GeForce Now, such as the Razer Kishi. But you can even use video game controllers like Xbox One (the newest ones with Bluetooth) and PS4 Dualshock.

    “We've been testing it internally and we're really enjoying the experience,” Eisler said. "You'll be able to pair a Bluetooth gamepad, Xbox, PlayStation 4 or some of the mobile-focused ones like the Razer Kishi with your iPhone."

    Many games display on-screen controls, but you can use Bluetooth gamepads as well.

    Eisler said that Nvidia will deliver a cloud streaming version of Fortnite via GeForce Now. According to him, the delay is due to the fact that Nvidia wants to launch Fortnite on WebRTC along with on-screen commands.

    Fonte: VemtureBeat

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