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    Gear.Club Stradale and Sonic Dash+ Arrive at Apple Arcade

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    Two more games have arrived to delight fans who have subscribed to the Apple Arcade iOS service. Sonic Dash+ e Gear Club Stradale are now available for download on iPhone, iPad and MAC OS devices.

    Sonic Dash+

    Their first game is a no-purchase version of Sonic Dash. As with Asphalt 8, iOS gets a “plus” version of the game, with no in-app purchases and annoying ads. With this, Sonic Dash fans will be able to enjoy the game without much hassle.

    After being an endless running game, Sonic Dash+ finds the perfect balance within the gameplay popularized by games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

    In addition to Sonic, it is possible to play with Knucles, Tails and many others. A very cool game to accompany the release of the second movie of the blue hedgehog.

    Gear Club Stradale



    The second game is an iOS exclusive. Gear Club Stradale arrives rocking after being very successful at the presentation event of the new iPad Air 2022 and iPhone SE.

    Created by developer Eden Games, Gear.Club Stradale puts players on the beautiful roads of Tuscany, Italy. The player must create a club and race alone or with friends in online mode.

    The game has a garage where it is possible to modify the cars and “tune” some parts.

    Gear.Club Stradale is simple in essence, but delivers gameplay that mixes simulation and arcade game. The game has realistic graphics and runs well even on old iPhones like iPhone 8.

    These two and hundreds of games can be downloaded and played “for free” by those who subscribe to the Apple Arcade service. It is worth remembering that these are games without in-app purchases, without ads and with offline modes.

    Over 200 games in the collection, the Apple Arcade is almost essential for those who like games on iOS. The price is very inviting, just R $ 9,90 per month.

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