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    Garena and Pro League announce the 1st Free Fire World Championship

    After an average championship full of problems in 2018, Garena decided to put the house in order and finally will organize a decent Free Fire championship. The Free Fire world championship will take place in 2019 and the Pro League will organize the event.

    Registration has already started and runs until January 16th. Qualifiers are for over 18s and you must have at least a squad at level 25.

    For those who want to know about the age restriction, this is due to the fact that the championship is world. The final will take place in Thailand and Garena and Pro League will take the players there for an incredible event.

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    – The Rules of the Free Fire World Championship

    As usual in mobile game championships, no emulators. Anyone caught, even in non-face-to-face matches, with an emulator, will be banned from the event.

    The first stage (the qualifier) ​​will have 1728 teams of 5 players (4 starters and 1 reserve). This selection continues until only 36 teams remain.

    The beginning of the classification stage starts on January 22, 2019. The regional final (in person) will take place in São Paulo (SP) and will feature 12 teams. Only the top two teams will have a chance to play in the world final in Thailand.

    To see the rest of the rules, access the “Rules Book“.

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    [originally published January 11, 2019]

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