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    Gangstar: New York (ex-Gang Domination) emerges in closed alpha test on Steam

    Gangstar: New York (formerly Gang Domination) is a multiplayer combat action game being developed by Gameloft. A supposed new pre-registration site has appeared on the internet and with it, the announcement that the game will be released in alpha test soon on Steam.

    Gangstar: New York was rumored to be an online shooter with Battle Royale elements and it looks like that will come to fruition soon.

    When it first appeared in April 2020, Gangstar: New York was called Gang Domination and as Gameloft has already made a game with that name, many thought it would be a remake of the old card game.

    Watch the trailer:

    Just like the trailer seen in 2020 (if you haven't seen it, check it out here), the 2021 trailer is cinematic. It's not about the actual game running on a computer or smartphone. They are non-interactive scenes to give an idea of 鈥嬧媤hat the game will be like.

    On the internet, some people are describing the game as an open world RPG, while others are thinking that it will be a "Watch Dogs Mobile and online". By answering Gameloft's own questions (when pre-registering), it's clear that the game will focus on PvP with shooting and car racing.

    Apparently, the gameplay is still open, but all that is known is that it will be a big map game with a fictional New York for players to explore and seek confusion in online multiplayer modes.

    Gangstar: New York will (supposedly) begin testing soon on PC, but according to the pre-registration survey form, the game should also be out for Android and iOS.

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