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    Gangstar New Orleans: Everything we know so far about the game

    When does it come to Android? Is the game heavy? Is it offline? Does it run on Moto G? Ask your questions about Gameloft's next big release.

    Notice: All information so far is about the open beta (soft launch) version released in the Philippines and exclusive to iPhone and iPad. Because it's soft launch, a lot can change until the final release.

    [WARNING] Gangstar New Orleans available in APK Pure! See how to Download!

    - Datasheet

    Name: Gangstar, New Orleans
    Developer: Gameloft Montreal
    Publisher: Gameloft
    Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile e Windows 10
    Size: between 700MB and 1GB
    Language: Spanish
    Free Game to Download and Play, but requires internet connection. 
    Game link on Philippine App Store:


    – When is the game coming to Android?

    To be clear, Gangstar New Orleans has yet to be released globally.. When a developer only releases the game in one country, it only means one thing: testing.

    On iOS, even on iPhone 7, the game has errors such as bugs, glitches and force closes (it closes by itself). Taking this into consideration, the game may take a while to reach Android.

    On Gameloft's official channel, the producer's Social Media Manager, Rodrigo Dias, mentioned that the game will be released on all three platforms (Android, iOS and Windows) at the same time. This fact may mean that the game may be delayed longer than expected.

    Because of all this, it may be that Gangstar New Orleans will not be released in January, but for the next few months.

    – Why did the game first come to iOS?

    Once again, the game has not been officially released.. But those who are new to the site usually don't understand how the production and development of a cross-platform mobile AAA game works.

    Developers prefer to release games in unfamiliar countries to take advantage of the region limitation. With this, they can test the game with a small audience. This gives the producer the possibility to have a leaner feedback, and it is possible to better analyze the return data.

    What happens is that as the game is open for anyone to download in that country (Philippines), many iOS users create an account in the aforementioned App Store just to download the game. The same happened with Asphalt Street Storm which is also in soft launch.

    The preferred platform for soft launch is iOS, precisely because it is a closed environment with little piracy. However, there is another element, the ease of debugging the code (correcting errors). Given that the number of devices is much smaller compared to Android.

    – Gangstar NO will be compatible with Moto G1 or Android Phone with 1GB RAM?

    On the Gangstar New Orleans download page on the App Store, it mentions that it is compatible with devices such as iPhone 5 and iPad 4. However, when trying to download, the user is surprised by the message that the game is not compatible with such devices.

    This leaves things a little fuzzy. It is very likely that some devices will be left out of the launch, including Android smartphones with 1GB of RAM.

    However, nothing prevents the producer from making a cover version of the game, removing textures, shadow effects and removing elements such as cars and so on. This would make the game lighter and potentially playable on weak devices.

    However, the warning is for those who have a weak cell phone. If Gangstar New Orleans is supported, it can look much more modest on Android smartphones with 1GB of RAM.

    From what I've seen about Gangstar New Orleans, if there is any hardware limitation, it will only be for devices with low RAM and modest GPU. There's nothing in the game that's exclusive to beefy GPUs. The game uses the Havok engine (for physics) that must work in conjunction with a Gameloft proprietary engine.

    – Game modes

    For now, Gangstar New Orleans has only one mode, the story mode. The player starts the game and he already sends you to the initial missions. Afterwards, the game presents a map with the missions you can carry out.

    There is no multiplayer mode, so far. However, with constant updates, Gameloft may add the mode later.

    – Will it be offline?

    In soft launch, it is only possible to play Gangstar New Orleans online. We don't know and there's no way to define whether the game will be online or offline. Chances are it's only online. Given what happened Asphalt Xtreme, which so far is only online.

    - There is energy bar

    I don't know about the official release, but the trial version yes there is a power bar. The number with energy symbol that starts at 19 and goes down as the player does missions.

    – Are the graphics cartoon? Because?

    Cartoon graphics are a widely used solution to minimize the amount of polygons. This made it possible for Gameloft to bring in a lot more elements happening on screen.

    The Draw Distance is still not good, and there is a lot of pop-in from objects like cars and people.

    Elements like grass and tree leaves draw a lot of attention in Gangstar New Orleans. In some parts you can see alleys full of trees, with bushes and grass, this is impressive in a mobile game. But only the look of the game is cartoon. Gangstar New Orleans remains a pretty violent game with a lot of shooting and blood.

    Soft launch was a good choice for Gameloft as the game has graphics issues. The Draw Distance is still not good, with very low textures in the background (arrow in the image above). There's also a lot of pop-in from objects like cars and people, even on powerful devices like the iPhone 7 Plus.

    And that's all for now, if you have any questions, leave a comment.

    [originally published January 12, 2017]

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