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    GameSir X3 Type-C controller debuts at the CHEAPEST Ali

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    GameSir has just released the GameSir X3 Type-C No. AliExpress. With a cooler already attached to the back, this control is the most complete today It is one of best for android phones.


    With the value of R$ 480 reais (on average), the X3 is highly coveted by game fans. Ideal for long hours of gaming, the controller has a cooler that helps to cool the smartphone. The cooler is very good in situations like using heavy emulators like AetherSX2 or EGG NS.


    • GAMESIRX330 (US$ 30 off)
    • GAMESIRX320 (US$ 20 off)
    • GAMESIRX345 (US$ 45 off)

    In this launch, with the use of coupons, the GameSir X3 Type-C can have a total discount of R$ 150 reais and leave for only R$ 347.

    • Where to buy? Control GameSir X3 Type-C not Aliexpress.

     GameSir X3 Type-C is one of the best controllers today

    The evolution of Game Sir X2, the X3 Type-C maintains the Compatibility with the Nintendo Switch EGG-NS emulator, one of the best today. However, by adding a cooling fan, this controller becomes perfect for long hours of mobile gaming.

    The X3 cooler follows the same pattern as smartphone coolers that have a cooling system that can reach very low temperatures.

    By docking the smartphone, the X3 Type-C can be connected via the Type-C port of your Android smartphone and with that, it offers physical buttons with zero lag.

    But there is a "but". To use the cooler, you need to connect it to an external source, be it a charger or a power bank.

    The sacrifice is worth it because the X3 cooler makes all the difference. It has a gigantic cooling area that comes into direct contact with the hottest part of your smartphone.

    The Cooler has a 4000mm cooling area and a 7-blade fan. The only thing missing was an internal battery to power the set.


    Lowering your smartphone's external temperature by 24 degrees is quite a feat.

    Even if the processor continues to operate at high temperatures, the rapid exchange of heat with other already cold areas of your smartphone will provide smooth and stutter-free gaming.

    This is something other coolers already did. But the differential of this control is precisely to unite this technology with a complete gamepad, in the “Swtich” style, which is used for emulators and games for Android.

    GameSir X3 is compatible with all games that support controllers and also has its own button mapper. It's also great for playing cloud games like Xcloud or Geforce Now.

    • Where to buy? Control GameSir X3 Type-C not Aliexpress.


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