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    GameSir X3: the complete gamepad guide

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    The GameSir X3 controller is one of the most complete gamepads today. In this guide, you'll learn all about the controller, how to configure it, and solve its main issues.


    What is GameSir X3 controller

    GameSir X3 is a multi-function controller specially designed for Android smartphones. It has a USB Type-C input that is used for direct connection to the smartphone via OTG.

    But the GameSir X3 is not limited to just that. The control has a special mode, the “GameSir” mode, where you can map buttons with the help of an application and use the EGG NS emulator for “free”.

    GameSir X3 has a cooling fan that needs an external power supply.

    The control has front buttons that can be changed position.


    Game Sir X3 Controller - What's in the box



    GameSir-X3 Tipo-C *1

    •  1 Carrying Case
    •  1 1,5m Type-C cable for power only (for refrigerator)
    • 2 Skyscraper handle
    •  Faceted D-pad *1
    •  2 Convex thumb cap
    •  1 Thank you card and after-sales service
    •  2 Concave thumb cap
    •  1 User manual
    • 1 Certification


    REQUIREMENTS for using the GameSir X3 Controller


    •  Android smartphone (Android 9.0 or higher) with a Type-C port
    •  Smartphone with a length of 110-179 mm
    •  OTG activated*
    •  Power input required for the cooler: 5V/2A


    *The vast majority of Android smartphones do well with OTG enabled by default.



    Layout do controle GameSir X3






    • A. Left analog
    • B. D-Pad
    • C. Capture button
    • D. G button
    • E. LED 1
    • F. LED 2
    • G. S button
    • H. Buttons ABXY
    • I. Right Analog
    • J. Home button
    • K. Type-C port (to connect smartphone)
    • L. Type-C port (to charge the smartphone)
    • M. Type-C Port (to supply power to the Cooler)
    • No. LB button
    • O. LT button
    • Q. RB button
    • Q. RT Button
    • R. Cooler
    • S. Area do Cooler

    *Only some phones do not support charging through the input (L), but in our tests the vast majority of the latest smartphones from Xiaomi, Samsung, Asus and Motorola were compatible.


    How to install smartphone on GameSir X3



    1. Insert the smartphone into the controller's Type-C port. The inlet can be moved up and sideways for easy connection.
    2. Pull the left side of the controller to secure the smartphone to it. LED 1 is solid blue to show a successful connection.
    LED 1 (E)
    flashing blue Connecting
    lit blue Connected


    How to turn on the GameSir X3 Cooler




    Use the USB Type-C cable that came with the producer and connect it to the controller. On the other end of the cable, you need to connect to a charger with at least 5V/2A.

    Warning: If you connect the cooler to a charger that does not have at least 2A (amps), the Cooler will not turn on.


    How to turn off GameSir X3 Cooler

    To turn off cooler just disconnect the USB cable.


    How to remove smartphone from GameSir X3 controller



    Hold the right side of the controller firmly and gently pull the left side to release the phone.


    Charging the smartphone through the controller


    GameSir X3 has a special USB Type-C port located on the bottom of the controller. Through it, it is possible to charge the smartphone even if it is in both normal and “GameSir” mode.

    LED 2 (F)
    flashing white Smartphone is not charging
    white led access smartphone charging

    How to change the positions of the ABXY buttons

    There is a reserved slot on the left side of the A/B/X/Y button. Align your fingertip with the groove and pull the button.
    Place the buttons according to the layout and the installation is complete.

    *There are 2 ABXY layouts.

    • Xbox Layout: Up Y, Left X, Down A, Right B.
    • Switch Layout: Up X, Left Y, Down B, Right A.
    • The factory default layout is the Xbox layout.

    How to play controller-compatible games on GameSir X3

    When the controller is successfully connected to the mobile phone with a solid blue LED 1, you can start the game compatible with the controller and play it directly with the controller.

    See a list of 75 games that support controllers here
    Note: It is worth remembering that this configuration, Blue led, is for controller-compatible games only.

    GAMESIR MODE: How to play with GameSir X3 in ANY GAME

    The GameSir X3 controller has a special configuration that allows it to work in any game.

    This setting, however, will require you to activate a special mode on the controller, called GAMESIR MODE.

    To Activate the GAMESIR MODE just press the “G” button and then the “home” button


    After that, LED 1 turns green. It is now possible to open the GameSir application and map the mobile screen. See how to do it.

    Whenever this mode is activated, a message will appear on the phone screen asking if “GameSir X3” can take over the Type-C port.

    Just tap “ok” to activate the mode.

    How to map GameSir X3 buttons on screen

    You can map the GameSir X3's buttons onto the screen and make the controller work with literally any game.

    All you need to do is activate the “GameSir” mode and open the GameSir app. If you do not activate the mode, the application will ask for authorization to do so.

    Download the GameSir app.

    1. With the controller connected to your smartphone, open the GameSir app.



    2. It can ask for authorization to control Pop-up windows. That buttons on the screen will be identified by the system as part of pop-up windows.



    3. To open the application, tap on the “Play Game” tab


    4. Add the games so they can have their commands mapped.



    5. After adding the games, it will look something like this.


    6. After that, just open the game. During the game, in some famous games, the buttons will already appear. In others, it will be necessary to add the buttons one by one through the “add button” option.


    GameSir X3 can also be used in the EGG NS emulator

    With the GameSir X3 controller it is also possible to play games on the Nintendo Switch EGG NS emulator.

    When opening the emulator, it will display the same message as in GameSir mode, asking to take control of the Type-C port.

    The GameSir X3 controller allows you to play on the emulator without having to pay any monthly fee. Just choose the option “with controller” and play.


    Note: we will not go into details on how to configure the emulator. That will be for the next article which will be a Guide to EGG NS.




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