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    GameSir X3: Cooled Android controller with Switch emulator support

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    A GameSir started the crowdfunding campaign for its newest controller for Android smartphones. O Game Sir X3 promises to be the ultimate gamepad with active cooling and EGG NS, the Nintendo Switch emulator for Android.

    As with other company controls, the campaign on the Indiegogo website is in full swing with more than 60% of the main goal accomplished.

    Control all in one

    GameSir X3 is a controller for smartphones that looks like the amalgamation of everything that mobile game fans want to attach to their cell phones.

    The controller comes in a “Nintendo Switch” format with the full set of buttons you would expect to find on a controller like this. But there's more. The great highlight of this gamepad is its active cooling.

    Much like the coolers that “freeze” the cell phone, the GameSir X3 promises a drop of up to 24 degrees in smartphone temperature.


    Description on Indiegogo:

    After more than 1 year of research since the launch of our hot X2 series mobile controller, GameSir X3 refrigerated mobile game controller is coming. It is a hybrid of a controller and a cooler, specially built for an ultimate mobile gaming experience, offering both controller and cooler experience simultaneously. The next-gen mobile gaming ecosystem is updated by GameSir.

    Main Features:

    ✅Controller and cooler in one
    ✅Up to 24°C drop in surface temperature
    ✅Android games supported by controller and cloud games supported
    ✅Fits most Android phones with a length of 110-179mm
    ✅Unlimited customization with interchangeable parts
    ✅One-click capture


    According to Gamesir, the grip of the controller will also be an evolution of the X2, with a much more comfortable and anatomical grip for players who intend to play for long hours.

    Exclusive! Nintendo Switch emulator support

    When it was first announced in June last year. It was not known for sure whether the X3 would be a successor to the X2.

    Despite being marketed as “for cloud gaming”, we all know that the X3 will be perfect even for emulation!

    Recently came the information that the X3 will also be compatible with the EGG-NS, the best Nintendo Swtich emulator for Android today.

    The controller may seem expensive, but if it delivers what it promises, the GameSir X3 will be the “all in one” controller for Android. An ultimate and perfect solution for emulating not only Switch but PlayStation 2 as well.

    Price and availability

    GameSir X3 will be available for sale in the second half of 2022.

    The price of the X3 is US$ 99 dollars, and in the promotion it goes for US$ 69 dollars. Something around R$ 457 reais (launch price) or R$ 318 reais in the promotion.

    At the moment, all controller units on the GameSir website have already been sold. The “backers”, that is, those who contributed to the Indiegogo website campaign, will receive control from June 2022.

    Link site oficial

    Campaign link on Indiegogo

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