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    GameSir F4 Falcon – Review Completo

    O F4 Falcon is a trigger-type control launched by GameSir. Ideal for shooting games and Battle Royale, it surprises in games like PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire. Check out our complete analysis of this mobile trigger that is making the head of shooter lovers.


    Current Situation: The Big Problem with Triggers

    With the popularization of games like Free Fire, it is common to find trigger ads of all kinds.

    This type of control is categorized by small devices that are attached to the side of your smartphone.

    And the word device is a technical term, as the vast majority of these triggers are pieces of plastic with poorly constructed wires.

    We have already reviewed two of them here on the site. We also bought a third one for analysis, but as it was so bad, we didn't even start. If you want the analysis of this other control, leave a comment.

    The big problem with these cheap generic triggers is the low quality in production. Some are good, but the vast majority are crap. It's that story, the quality varies from case to case, but in general, for every person who buys one that works, 10 is defective two days later.

    Anyway, I had already given up on the triggers, but here is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    GameSir sent us a curious device, the F4 Falcon, for testing.

    Presentation and unboxing

    GameSir is well known for the quality of its controls. We've already reviewed the G4S and G5 and they are truly amazing. There are reviews of them here and here.

    The Falcon presentation is the usual GameSir show, and with the F4, this presentation had special touches.

    To be honest, the F4 is pretty weird. This GameSir trigger looks like a mini-drone without propellers. When opening it, this impression continues. It's only by attaching it to a smartphone that things start to make sense.

    The F4 Falcon comes with 4 buttons: 2 action buttons (L and R) and XNUMX configuration buttons. These configuration buttons are for setting the trigger type. You can choose between “single” (one shot only), burst (three shots) and turbo (multiple shots).

    The control already comes in the ideal measure for most smartphones, but it doesn't do well with cases or cell phones that are too thick. The ideal is to remove the cell phone cover to play.

    Internally, the F4 is filled with rubbers so your phone doesn't come into contact with hard plastic. Here we perceive a special care from GameSir. Other products scratch the screen, remove the film, a horror. However, with F4 this does not happen. Everything is full of rubbers so that your smartphone is received by the F4 in the best possible way.

    The F4 Falcon also comes with a USB Type-C cable for charging. At this point, you might be asking yourself: why?

    This is where the magic begins!

    F4 Falcon touch engine feels like magic

    Electrodes that “simulate” the touch of the fingers.

    Because it has a battery and needs charging, anyone can imagine that the F4 Falcon connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. But in reality it doesn't use any connections.

    What happens is that the F4 Falcon touches the cell phone screen electronically. On the inside there are two electrodes and they are the ones that “touch” the screen.

    These electrodes are always in contact with the screen of your cell phone, but just by pressing a button, one of them is magnetically charged, simulating the human touch.

    Do not understand anything? So here's how touch screens work.

    Then you can press the buttons carefree. Touching the screen will always be accurate and will never hurt your mobile screen.

    The battery lasts about 40 hours and takes 2 hours to charge. In practice, it lasts much longer. In my tests (two weeks) I didn't need to reload.

    How to use and setup the F4 Falcon

    The F4 Falcon controller/trigger has no power button. When you stretch the grip, and it turns on automatically. The indication that it is active is given by two LEDs that light up when “opening it”.

    When you put a smartphone in control, it is already working. Always when turning on, it will be in the “single” function, where the trigger fires only one shot when pressed once, or several when holding the button.

    By pressing the “turbo” button on each side, you activate the “burst” mode. The LED will change to orange, and the trigger will fire a salvo of 3 to 9 shots, depending on the game and weapon.

    Pressing the “turbo” button again, the led will turn red and the controller will have its own turbo mode. It is a little more cadenced than the first mode of pressing and holding the fire button, for example.

    Footprint and gameplay

    The grip is essential in any controller. After all, it's useless if the controller doesn't look good in your hands during long gaming sessions.

    Does the F4 Falcon sit well in the hands? The answer is it depends.

    With a cell phone up to 5.5 inches, the F4 Falcon seemed a little uncomfortable. But that's because of my big hands. A younger person or person with small hands may not have this impression.

    On smartphones with a screen from 6.2 to 6.7 inches, the Falcon is perfect. It's a mechanism that won't make you a Free Fire or PUBG professional, but it's a trigger that helps a lot who has little skill.


    With large smartphone, screen from 6.5 inches onwards, the grip is comfortable. In the photo the Galaxy S10 Lite with a 6.7 inch screen.


    When playing on a Pocophone F1 (6.18 inches), I felt the position of the buttons “not as comfortable” as on the giant S10 Lite.


    On 5.5-inch screens, like the Samsung J7 Pro, it's already a little tricky to play due to the position of the buttons.


    When testing on a Galaxy S4 (5-inch screen) no need to comment, it was unplayable.


    If you have trouble aiming and shooting quickly, this trigger helps you not have to search for buttons or look at them.

    For those who are already used to the 3 or 4 finger HUD, the F4 makes the game more comfortable, especially for those who play long hours.

    With the Falcon, it is very practical to aim and shoot. After a few minutes you simply forget that it is there, it already becomes “part of your smartphone”.

    - Not everything is perfect

    Now for the caveats. The part I didn't like about the F4 Falcon is the way to attach the controller. At first it seems simple, but in reality it's a bit boring.

    It's not that easy to put your smartphone in control. You can search, almost every youtuber cuts this part.

    Things get worse if your smartphone has a malleable plastic film (gel), silicone or 3D, in short, those flexible films that imitate the front of the smartphone.

    When using these films, the contact can be “failed”. I tested it with a Pocophone F1 and a Galaxy S10 Lite. Both with flexible films. The result was poor contact. The control simply locked the screen and it was not even possible to use the smartphone.

    The solution was to test another position, move the control until I found a way for it to work. It's a bit annoying, so be warned if you have flexible film. Without these films, the control did not present any problems.

    In the J7 Pro, which has a glass film of those generic ones, the control worked perfectly. I didn't have to look for a position. It was just put and use.


    Costing around R$112 at the current price, the F4 Falcon may not be the best choice for those looking for value for money. However, for those who really like Battle Royales and shooting games in general, the investment can be worth it in the long run. According to Gamesir, the buttons are tested to have an average life above up to 5 million clicks.

    During the two weeks I tested the controller, it didn't even discharge. So the battery seems to last much longer than the manufacturer claims. The only “defect” is the way to fit it to the smartphone. Could be more comfortable.


    • building
    • Innovative mechanism
    • Doesn't use a lot of battery


    • Fitting is not comfortable
    • Doesn't do well with some films

    Where to find the F4 Falcon?

    The easiest site to find GameSir F4 Falcon, with shipping to Spain is on Aliexpress. GameSir has an official store there and ships to our country. The control can be found for prices in the range of R$ 112 to 129 reais. The link is down there.




    – Ethics notice

    Mobile Gamer Spain is an independent vehicle that has been operating this way since 2009. Our reviews are opinionated and have no advertising intention.

    Nothing is reviewed or approved by companies or advertising agencies. We are not “virtual street vendors”, our intention is to analyze products as analytically as possible.

    The F4 Falcon was provided by GameSir for testing.


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