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    GameSir announces partnership with Xbox for new controllers

    A GameSir, one of the best smartphone controllers manufacturers today, has just closed a Microsoft/Xbox partnership for new exclusive gamepads.

    The announcement was made today (12), around noon. For now, there is still no information on how the partnership will be, but images of what the controls may look like have already emerged.

    Two photos appeared on the internet that could be of new controls that GameSir is designing, see the photos below.



    The controls look a lot like the GameSir X2, but only with an “Xbox” button in place of the usual “home” button.

    The images are “3D mockup” ie rendered images of 3D models. This means that the final version may be slightly different.

    There is currently no new information. GameSir's website has been updated and features only a partnership logo.

    It's not the first time GameSir has partnered with Xbox. Several company controls work natively as controls for Xcloud. You don't even need to activate the “GameSir” mode on the controller.

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