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    Games on sale on Android that are worth checking out

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    Check out a selection of games that are discounted this week on Android. From adventures to action games, JRPGs and even “Metroidvanias”.

    The usual warnings:

    • Games are on sale for a limited time.
    • All games in the list are offline.
    • Once purchased, the game is yours forever, to install on as many devices as you like.

    Space Marshals

    The classic top-down action game with 3D graphics is on sale on Android. Before, this game cost R$ 22,99, but now it is on sale for only R$ 5,99. In this special thriller, you will play the sheriff and re-arrest some bandits who have escaped from prison. A very fun game that in addition to being offline still has control support.

    Dandara: Trials of Fear

    Dandara is a “Metroidvania” that divides opinions. A lot of people don't like the movement system, but after playing for about 20 minutes it starts to make total sense. The game can be considered average on PC and consoles, but the movement and controls scheme makes perfect sense on mobile. A fantastic game, offline and in Spanish.

    This is the Police 2

    This Is the Police 2 is a very different game than usual. He mixes it all up! You don't know if you're playing a police simulator, a resource manager or a strategy game. Make investigations and arrest bad guys in a different game. This Is the Police 2 cost BRL 26,99 but is on sale for just BRL 8,49

    Romancing SaGa 2

    That it! Square Enix game on sale? Gotta praise standing up! Originally released in 1993, this game is an English localization remaster! Highly recommended for JRPG fans. The game cost more than R$50 reais, but it's only R$10,90.

    Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams

    Games about collecting clues are very popular on Mobile, especially among women. The typical relaxing game to just follow the story and enjoy the beautiful paintings made by the game's artists. The game is on sale for only R$ 15,99

    She Sees Red

    An impressive adventure in the “live-action” style (with real actors). There's a strange killer in a nightclub. The detective in charge of the case is doing her best to find the elusive killer, who continues his killing spree and leaves a lot of evidence behind. An excellent adventure game, but it's only in English. From BRL 12,99 to BRL 4,99

    Mental Hospital Series

    The Mental Hospital series always appears among the games on sale. The graphic quality of the series is very good and the games work even on old cell phones. If you haven't given this series a chance yet, go for it. These are horror games with Spanish subtitles. They are short, but for the price of R$ 2 reais (on average) for each game, there is not much to complain about.

    Slayaway Camp

    Slayaway Camp mixes puzzle and horror in a very cute way. Inspired by classic horror movies like “Friday the 13th”, in this game you play the killer and must annihilate your victims. Despite the macabre premise, the game is very cute with a simplistic look.

    Muscle Princess

    What would happen if Hokuto no Ken mixed up with Sailor Moon? The answer is Muscle Princess. A bizarre adventure game with anime visuals and references to franchises such as Hokuto No Ken, Sailor Moon and Jo Jo Bizarre Adventure. From BRL 8,49 to BRL 4,59.

    Whispers of a Machine

    Adventure-style games are a sub-genre that are very successful on mobile. But it is a success only for those who understand a little English, as most games of this type do not have a translation into our language. That said, we present to you Whispers of a Machine. An addictive science fiction game. Control Vera, a cybernetically modified special agent. Her mission is to investigate a series of murders. Game has a 50% cut, from R$19,99 to R$9,99.

    Kathy Rain

    From the same producer behind Whispers of a Machine we have Kathy Rain. Kathy Rain is a beautiful, nostalgic homage to the classic point-and-click game genre, created perfectly for your touchscreen device. Look for clues and solve puzzles in a compelling small-town drama set in the mid-90s. The game cost R$19,99, but is now for R$9,99. It is also only available in English.

    [originally published July 27, 2020]

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