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    Gamer de Celular #1 – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    After our pilot episode (zero), Dario and Leo will discuss the Battle Royale phenomenon. Why is this type of game so addictive? And how these games entered the mobile world with everything. Podcast with brain bugs, daydreams and predictions in the “Mãe Dináh” style.

    - Participants:

    • Dario Coutinho (Website Editor)
    • Leonardo Dantas (A-Tech Gaming)

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    – Games mentioned

    PUBG Mobile


    Rules of Survival

    Knives Out

    PUBG Mobile Army Attack

    Last Battlegrounds

    Hopeless land

    – Subjects cited

    Oceanhorn 2: New gameplay video at GDC 2018

    PUBG Mobile is the most downloaded game in 100 countries

    Shadowgun Legends Launches Globally on Android

    Dragon Ball Legends: Bandai Namco presents new game for Android and iOS

    TapTap is suspended from its activities in China! Understand the "bullshit"!

    See the gameplay of Ravensword Legacy (Android and iOS)

    [originally published March 26, 2018]

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